Shows at the Purple Fiddle

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Sand-blasted roots rock with a sweet jam spread!

(Purple Fiddle Management Note: This show is likely to sell out, and tables in our venue will be removed at 8 pm. Some seating will be available, however, this will be a mostly standing/dancing room evening. Thank you!)

CHECK OUT THE VIDEO (to the right), SHOT RIGHT HERE IN THOMAS! – with a Purple Fiddle ending.

No longer easily dubbed an Americana or roots-rock band, the group’s sound encompasses ska, calypso, and even Southern rock, often within the same song.

Behind the virtuosic rhythms of drummer Steven Sandifer, the group seamlessly segues from calypso to world beat to a down-home shuffle, often within the same song. When guitarist Mikie Sivilli steps in with a powerful slide-driven lead, one might even venture to call it Southern rock. But by the time songwriter Dan Lotti sings the first words of another verse with his unmistakable light rasp, the listener is undeniably back on the beach, pondering both the world’s pleasures and ills through sandy toes.