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The PuKid with fingers in earsrple Fiddle prides itself on upholding a safe, family-friendly environment where people of all-ages can enjoy a high quality live show.  If a four-year-old is not safe to play and dance at a performance, then we are not doing our job as entrusted by our patrons.

With this in mind, we are committed to finding and presenting the world’s top up-and-coming original bands and musicians.

Things We Look ForMo Mojo saxes

  • At least 120 minutes of original material that is appropriate for all ages
  • An informative and useful website dedicated to the act wishing to play – this should include: links to music, quality press quotes or a bio that describes the act, and videos.
  • A solid online presence and thousands of followers on Spotify, Youtube Instagram and/or Facebook.
  • A professional band photo or artwork that is printable (300 dpi at a minimum of 6 inches).
  • Professional videos on YouTube, hopefully with the same lineup that will be on our stage.
  • Multiple studio recordings, plus other merchandise to sell at the show
  • A strong regional or national touring schedule at professional venues.
  • A strong regional fan base, particularly in those areas in which the majority of our customers reside – mostly Washington DC, but other nearby mid-Atlantic metro areas.

Usually a band must develop a following here before being given an opportunity to play a more lucrative weekend night. Bands wishing to play a Friday or Saturday night need to travel with at least three musicians and should be high-energy – dance-ability helps too. Originality is also of high priority.

Chip on stage

Solo artists and duos will most often play our weekend afternoon slots, from 1 to 3 pm on Saturdays and Sundays, unless they have already developed a strong following, in which case a weekday evening might be available – but only during tourist-heavy seasons (mostly summer and fall colors season).

Contact info:

In order to deter any miscommunication and have a searchable record of discussions, all bookings should be done through email.

Any band or solo artist that meets the criteria above should email John at

Please include a link to your main website and to some music samples or videos that are a good representation as to what you will present live.