Special events

The Purple Fiddle can be rented for your event. Please read these guidelines before you contact us for your special day:

  • Anyone is welcome to hold meetings, birthday parties, anniversaries, etc., free of charge, anytime we are open to the public, as longs as these gatherings do not interfere with regularly-scheduled concerts or other events, and the public is free to come and go as they please. We do ask that you purchase all beverages and food from us, with the exception of your event cake. Please give us advance notice if you expect more than 10 people so we can plan and staff the event accordingly.
  • Private events, including weddings, are also welcome and will require an advance rental contract.
  • Saturday weddings, especially during the summer and other peak tourist seasons, can be very expensive since we would have to turn away significant business on one of our busiest sales day. Please avoid requesting such peak times if you intend to cut costs.
  • We would be glad to provide and/or contract with others to provide everything necessary for your private event, including catering, staff, live music, decorations, alcohol for a negotiated fee. Conversely, you may handle all of these items yourself if you wish to save some money. A rental contract and associated fee will still be necessary.

For inquiries, please contact John at thepurplefiddle@gmail.com.