In addition to hosting over 300 live music performances a year, the Purple Fiddle is also a casual, cafe-style, “order at the counter” restaurant and bar (beer and wine).

Enthused girl and musician

We boast of our homemade and healthy selection of sandwiches, soups, hot specials and desserts. Selections that are particularly popular is our homemade salsa, homemade hummus, our turkey sandwich with homemade cranberry salsa, our grilled three-cheese sandwich and of course our homemade ice cream, made 45 minutes up the road at Lakeside Creamery.

Additionally we have over 50 top-notch micro-brewed beers in cans and bottles, four WV brewed beers on tap, and a small selection of superb wines.

We can also meet almost all special dietary demands, including gluten-free (GF bread available for use with sandwiches), vegetarian and vegan.

We strive hard to meet everyone’s tastes, both musicially and gastronomically!