No Any Walls

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No Any Walls visceral channeling of their well-crafted neo-folk songs evokes a strong emotional response in listeners. By way of rich and yearning vocals, above subtle and innovative guitar work there is solace and encouragement to be found in such earnest representations of our shared struggles, hopes and anxieties. Poetic and engaging, No Any Walls adept songwriting rings truer and truer in our ever-distressed world.

A native Texan, singer/songwriter Gary Tofie Hello Jr. of No Any Walls has spent over a decade fighting for a sense of place and purpose in the rural mountains of southwest Virginia, collecting hard-won tales of struggle, poverty, and love lost (as well as existential contemplations of all the above) in prose and song. He and his family- partner, 3 children and countless animals, live as simply as they can while working hard to restore several acres of land and an old farmhouse to sustain themselves more purposefully in body and ethos.

Hello was a founding member of Virginia-based bands Eternal Summers, Mommies, Disappearers’ Collective, and Little Quick Heart, a contributing member to Dark Hills and Viola’s Heartful, and was featured, along with his farm, family and off-the-beaten-path lifestyle in the recent film Some Beasts.