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“Pierce Edens and the Dirty Work sound like a fusion between Tom Waits and Louis Armstrong. The beginning of Party Dress evokes a rockabilly sound coupled with provocative lyrics, and then shifts to a more blues-inspired tone, making use of pedal steel, upright bass and slower melodies. Edens has the voice of a seasoned musician – a man with tales to tell and someone whose stories you would want to hear. In a world where it is hard to distinguish certain vocalists from one another, Edens’ voice certainly cannot be said to blend in with the others. It is almost as if he is challenging you not to listen, but his vocal quality is capable of holding your attention while you listen to his woes, pleas and the like. At times it sounds as though his voice might just give way, like he is squeezing every last bit of strength out of it…fans of Tom Waits or southern rock should definitely check out Party Dress. There is a gem in Asheville, North Carolina, and it’s ready to be discovered.” – Performer Magazine

“Asheville’s Pierce Edens heard old-timey mountain music until his teens; that’s when he was steeped in punk and grunge. Both inform his music. His shadowy baritone has a dark, jazzy canter reminiscent of Tom Waits, while the percolating strings below it veer from bluegrass to closing-time cabaret. The punk manifests in the rebellious free-spirited nature of ‘Montana’.” – Indy Week, Chris Parker

“Edens is a gritty troubadour who takes what he needs from each style, blending and bending it to suit the needs of his songs.” “The mysterious and ominous strains of “Jailhouse” that kick off the show display all of Edens’ best qualities: raspy, hoary vocals coupled with muscular backing that has all the power of rock ‘n’ roll while hewing mostly to the Americana side of the tracks.” “The careening, high-speed romp of “Pretty” is reminiscent of Elvis Presley’s “Mystery Train” by way of Johnny Cash, imbued with the smoky barroom aesthetic of Tom Waits.”
-Mountain Xpress