The Ragbirds

Shows at the Purple Fiddle

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Hook-laden pop with a kaleidoscopic array of worldly influences, The Ragbirds exhibit a gleeful disregard for contemporary folk-rock convention.

“It’s rare to hear something new and exciting in the realm of folk/roots music, but the careful alchemists of The Ragbirds have given us just that!”
-Bryan Rodgers, Homegrown Music Network

“The most engaging new band I’ve heard this year is The Ragbirds….eclectic, restlessly creative, poetic, and delivered with confidence, it grows on you with every listen.”
-Jeffery Overstreet, Looking Closer

“This is evidence of the very best of what independent contemporary pop music has to offer”
-Thom Jurek, All Music (AMG)

The five-piece project is clearly built around the multi-talented Erin Zindle, who is proficient in a variety of stringed instruments. She is the songwriter and front woman of the band, skillfully switching between violin, mandolin, accordion, banjo and percussion, all while dancing. Zindle wears an infectious smile and a positive message, always spun through a poetic loom. Surrounding Zindle’s earthy-sweet voice is the whirlwind of a guitarist T.J. Zindle, dynamic bassist Dan Jones, drummer Jon Brown, and standout percussionist Randall Moore.