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Repeat Repeat

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Surf Rockcandy

Making whimsical surf-pop may seem like a daunting task when you live states away from the nearest beach, but guitarist / vocalist Jared Corder was determined to make the music reminiscent of his California birthplace. The band was always intended to be a 3-piece: Jared on guitar and vocals, Andy Herrin on drums, with Dreamy Harmony vocals reminiscent of 1960s west coast beach pop.The trio was once described by the nashville scene as “dick dale’s snot-nosed grandkids”.

“Fans of Yeah Yeah Yeahs, the Ravonettes, or B-52’s are catching on to *Repeat Repeat.” – Audiosocket

“…far and away one of the finest pop and rock bands currently in nashville. so many bands think that they must be either cool or fun, and never the two shall meet… *repeat repeat mashes them together, and throws 60’s tie-die vibes all over it. and glitter.” – Shop Sessions @ DCXV Industries