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From the salvaged sounds of American juke joints, back porches, honky tonks and rock clubs, The Suitcase Junket conjures an entirely new sound in his essential new rock collection, Pile Driver.

The Suitcase Junket is Matt Lorenz: artist, tinkerer, swamp yankee, one-man band. His is the road-worn voice rising over the grind of a tube-amped dumpster guitar, with wild double pitches of throat singing. From The Suitcase Junket’s penchant for thrift and ingenuity comes this full-length album — his debut at Signature Sounds — of original rock anthems, mountain ballads, blues manifestos and dance-hall festivity, played on instruments built of broken bottles, twisted forks, dried bones, gas cans, shoes, saw blades, a toy keyboard, and an overhead compartment’s worth of luggage.

“Honest, original, and energetic in its blending of garage rock and Americana… The atmosphere of this album maintains a thread of focus, but delivers twelve tracks that each demonstrate his unique capacity to mix a sense of a folk foundation with lo-fi guitar sounds and a found-object feel.” – Magdalene Taylor, Brooklyn Vegan, April 20, 2017
“I peg him as a weird hybrid of Mississippi-born one-man band Doctor Ross and Americana rocker Langhorne Slim. The Suitcase Junket’s 2017 track ‘Evangeline’ also sounds a bit like something from Tom Waits’ workbook, which isn’t a bad thing. His forthcoming album, Pile Driver, promises to go places even Doctor Ross couldn’t navigate.” – Edd Hurt, Nashville Scene, March 30, 2017
“Lorenz’s songs are carefully constructed pieces of rock and Americana… The found percussion increases Lorenz’s idiosyncracy, and enhances that atmosphere… Lorenz’s songs carry themselves, aside from backstory or unique sounds, relying on his storytelling and melodies. The fact that he’s sonically inventive is just a bonus.” – Justin Cober-Lake, Dusted Magazine, April 28, 2017
“Completely original show, songs from the heart, melodies you’ll sing for days. Definitely go check out a show.” – Chris Vos, The Record Company
“Vast talents… dirty, raw.” – Pure Volume, March 6, 2017
“Lorenz isn’t your traditional Americana musician, not by a long shot… Would fit in nicely on a playlist alongside artists such as Shovels & Rope and the Drive-By Truckers.” – Amy McCarthy, The Boot

“With a guitar from an oil can and a percussion section hidden inside a piece of battered luggage… he performed his wonderfully passionate roots music, belted forth from the junk he’d stitched together. All by himself, he sounded like a full hobo band playing on a train racing rhythmically onward.” — Preview Massachusetts Magazine