The Wild Hymns with special guest Heather Hannah

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The Wild Hymns are the original songs of Megan Woodland Hewitt (née Donley) and her band with her husband, guitarist Jeff Hewitt, including; bassist/vocalist Cindy David, vocalist/percussionist Shelley Herlihy, keyboardist Robert Shuckle and various drummers.

The group hails from South Central PA and performs and records in various incarnations from duo to full band. Their music can be described as melodically distinct and enchanting ne0-folk with elements of pop, jazz, swing, world, Americana and mellow rock and roll. Megan’s vocals have a laid-back and quietly soulful quality; simultaneously innocent and sweetly feminine, yet haunting, wistful and deep. Her singer-songwriter tunes, effortlessly drawing from many genres and musical influences, are bolstered by Jeff’s unique and understated, yet brilliant guitar-playing (he also dabbles with the mandolin, banjitar and bass on recordings and increasingly in live performances). The rest of the band fills in and enhances the duo’s low-key sound, creating a rich soundscape. Calling her music and band “The Wild Hymns” was a deliberate decision on Hewitt’s part. Very aware that listeners may confuse the band’s usage of the word “hymn” as an association with religion or the church, she felt the name aptly described their mellow, yet eclectic sound and she enjoyed the juxtaposition of the two words and the feeling the name created. Additionally, Megan draws from her experiences as a yoga teacher and avid spiritual seeker and the influences of mystical and spiritual thought can be felt and heard in her music.

The Wild Hymns have performed locally and regionally at venues such as Bethlehem Musikfest, Kable House Presents in York, Pa and Long’s Park Ampitheater in Lancaster, Pa and their music can can be heard on WXPN Philadelphia’s “Sleepy Hollow” and “Folk Show”. They released their second album of original music, This Burning Love, in November 2016 and are currently recording their third album of original music with plans to tour internationally in 2018.