Shows at the Purple Fiddle

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The sound from the mountains of Appalachia has long been swelling at its banks, on the verge of spilling over the confines of folk and electronic music convention. Andrew Preston and Austin Tackett – The Woodsheep – aim to highlight the diversity, creativity, and storytelling that abound in their ever-evolving eastern Kentucky home by shoring up their own roots.

The folk/bluegrass duet quickly evolved its own sound; Preston’s experimental background and inclination to poetry coupled with Tackett’s guitar virtuosity and knack for hooks converge as a blend of folk, electronic, and Americana. The contrast between the two lent itself to a blend of simple and infectious melodies, soaring vocal harmonies, contemplative lyrics, and foot-stomping rhythm. Their shows have since gained a reputation for mixing light-heartedness and nostalgia with inspired lyrics and arrangements; original indie songs mingle readily with covers of some of the greatest Appalachian folk standards.

The Woodsheep encompass the growing culture of the mountains by tangling their own roots with those of the past. Tradition is ongoing and ever changing, and The Woodsheep hope to join you in forging it together.