Acadien Cajun Band

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A south Louisiana Cajun and zydeco roots band.

South Louisiana has forever been marked with a rich history of music, from blues, rhthym and blues, soul, swamp pop, rock and roll, and, of course, cajun and zydeco music. Within the realm of cajun, creole, and zydeco music, however, there lies an emergence of contemporary yet traditional sound and style of the typical musician. With additions such as electric guitars, slide guitars, twin fiddles, triple row accordions, etc. and along with the influences of the fore-mentioned genres, the music itself continues to grow in an ever-dynamic fashion.
In addition to their orginality, Acadien Cajun Band can also be most noted for their versatility. “One thing we really pride ourselves on, ” says Ryan, “is our versatility. Vary rarely when we play will we finish playing the same instruments we started out playing. I’ll switch to accordion, or we’ll just finish off with an acoustic set with two fiddles, etc.” “We are a band of musicians, and our music defines the band, not the other way around.”
Whatever the case, Acadien Cajun Band is an aspiring young band, full of exuberance and a true love for what they do. You will find them at jam sessions, clubs, dancehalls, recording studios and other venues through the music scene of south Louisiana carrying on what they were taught, teaching what they know, and loving every minute of it.