Accidental Seabirds

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Indie Folk two-man band Accidental Seabirds are a group of artists who spend the winters in their native New Jersey recording their albums, designing & printing their merch, and producing one-of-a-kind works of art to be sold or bartered at their concerts. They spend most of the year traveling around the country sharing their art & music with new fans, old friends, and everyone in between. Both members play drums with their feet while strumming a guitar or banjo and singing dynamic vocal harmonies.

“The American folk underpinnings of his band’s songs are immediately apparent, but you’ll also hear elements of psych-rock, blues, jazz, power pop and wigged-out experimental music, too. …Herdman’s vocals are consistently impassioned, and he sounds present to every word he sings.”
-The Star Ledger, Tris McCall

“Accidental Seabirds is the one-man band of singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Jesse Lee Herdman. The New Jersey native wrote every song and played practically every instrument on his 17-track debut album, The Snow And The Full Moon, a collection of quirky and melancholic folk/jazz tunes. Like Adam Green or Yoni Wolf, this man has a way with words. Herdman appears to be a scientist of sound with the ability to form an incredible amalgamation of music and lyrics that harmoniously bellows his tale. His clever poetry flows through gleaming vocals to join congruent instrumentals in an emotion-filled pool of sweet, sweet sound. Herdman has created an album that drips with the essence of the human experience.”

-MAGNET Magazine

“The wonderfully unique record is a must listen.”
-Pop-Break, Bill Bodkin

“Accidental Seabirds is one of those bands that possess both a strong songwriting skill set as well as excellent musicianship. It’s been quite the journey for singer/guitarist Jesse Lee as he brought this group to fruition, getting the sound out of his head and into fans ears, but the group has hit their stride and their clean, folk-rock sound, intelligent and at times sarcastic and wry lyrics are capturing local hearts and minds as this fundamentally solid and extremely focused act should be.”
-The Vinyl District

“I rejoice at the fact that this is music that has the ability to evade easy comparison while providing a myriad of interpretive avenues for collectors of original art.”
-The Aquarian Weekly, John Pfeiffer