Alex Brubaker

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Lancaster, Pennsylvania-based percussive / modern fingerstyle guitarist, Alex Brubaker, has been gracing stages throughout Central Pennsylvania and the surrounding region with awe-inspiring performances since he first delved into the experimental acoustic guitar genre, nearly a decade ago.

Brubaker’s music combines the melodic elements of fingerstyle guitar with rhythmically driving
percussive hits, two-hand tapping, and elements of live looping and delay, seeking to carve out a unique voice within the steadily growing genre. Live performances couple this unique playing style with story-telling, further connecting note to emotion and creating a “living room” level of intimacy with the audience.

Throughout his musical career, fans have compared Brubaker to greats such as Michael Hedges, Phil Keaggy, and Buckethead. Brubaker often cites his primary influences from guitarists such as Trace Bundy, Matt Stevens, and Trevor Gordon Hall (from whom he has previously taken guitar lessons). His songs draw from these musical influences as well as a vast array of life experiences, ranging from missional work in Burkina Faso to high-octane adventure seeking
snowboard trips across the country.