Alma Afrobeat with Sia Tolno Presenting Afro Dead

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Alma Afrobeat Ensemble is an internationally touring collective based in Barcelona that plays their own brand of unique, creative, dance-inducing, modern Afrobeat. AAbE is Spain’s flagship Afrobeat band, and one of the leaders of the Afrobeat renaissance worldwide, having been doing this for longer than any other band besides Antibalas and the Kuti family. They have released 4 full-length albums, an EP of remixes, and they have a live album in the works. The band’s most recent album, “Monkey See, Monkey Do” has received rave reviews, being called one of the year’s best world music albums, and has placed the band “at the worldwide top of Afrobeat”, as well as spending various months on the European World Music Chart, and the Transglobal Music Chart.

Alma Afrobeat Ensemble has always made a conscious decision to avoid being just another Afro-funk band masquerading under the banner of Afrobeat. Their sound has been constantly and consciously evolving, starting with Latin influences of cumbia (on the album Toubab Soul), moving on to a hip-hop and m’balax influence (on Life No Get Dublicate), a more soul influence (It’s Time), then a slightly more Americana roots influence mixed with electronic touches (Monkey See, Monkey Do).

What people are saying:

Maximum Ink Magazine (USA):

“a mixture of classic Afrobeat, trance, and funk that transcends the gap between conscious thought and physically driven conviction”

Songlines (UK):

“four stars!”

Afropop Worldwide (USA):

“As dark and intensely danceable as any afrobeat musical experience can be”.

Sia Tolno is an award-winning Guinean-Sierraleonian global touring & recording artist, vocalist and songwriter, steeped in Afrobeat, Afro-blues, Mandinga and Soukous styles of African popular music.

Her music is both personal and universal, singing about her unique past while making it relevant to the masses. Sia’s previous album was produced by Tony Allen and Lusafrica records, and her new album is being produced and recorded in Barcelona by Aaron Feder in collaboration with Slow Walk Music.

Afro Dead is a musical collective (from Africa, South America, Europe and the United States) directed by Aaron Feder and featuring the talented Guinean singer Sia Tolno. Aaron Feder is the founder of Alma Afrobeat Ensemble (with 5 albums and 4 US tours) and is a multi-instrumentalist with many years of extensive experience with Grateful Dead music, including playing and recording with members of Phil and Friends, Oteil and Friends, Peter Rowan and more. Sia Tolno on vocals brings her years of extensive recording and her global live performance touring career.