Alyssa Hankey

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Born and raised just north of Pittsburgh, in the countryside of western Pennsylvania. Alyssa began shaping her signature sound through out her teenage years, Her music is unmistakable. Pulling from influences like Bruce Springsteen, Van Morrison, John Mayer and Bob Dylan her lyrics and raspy vocals bring you into the heart of the steel mills and the bucolic landscape of rural America. Over the years, Alyssa has become a prolific songwriter in her own right, releasing two full length albums and embarking grassroots tours across the country.

In the past eight years Alyssa’s music has spread in and out of the western Pennsylvania region. Alyssa released two full length LPs Shadowlands (2016) and American Spirit (2019). Inrecent years, Alyssa has toured out of state in New York, New Jersey, West Virginia, Kentucky, North Carolina and Tennessee. She also embarked a cross country tour called Westward Bound Tour 2018 with fellow musician Corey Kurtz and the American Spirit tour, playing shows from Maine to Georgia.