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“This Charlotte, NC, country-rock trio is very funny, and almost sneakily substantial. On a casual listen, Amigo’s new And Friends simply sounds like easygoing country-rock with a penchant for boogie. Pay a little more attention, though, and be rewarded with staggeringly funny — and ultimately dark — lyrics.” – No Depression

Amigo is a rock and roll band. This might sound quaint or even a little passé but it’s an entirely apt and appropriate description. Amigo is a guitar, a bass, a drum set and buckets full of songs and its members share a proud and unrepentant belief in rock & roll’s divine promise and power to shake audience and band alike to their core.

Between name-checks of Damocles and references to the astral bodies, Amigo keeps their feet rooted firmly in the dirt as they reminisce about the old clothes we used to wear and postulate on love, sin and the path of the righteous. It is this balance of the real and the surreal, the imagined and the tactile that makes And Friends farther reaching than any adjective-laden rock subgenre.

Most importantly, it’s fun. It’s exuberance defined. And thus, it is rock and roll in its purest form.