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“Andrew Scotchie & The River Rats bring unmatched work ethic and energy to the table. They’re professional, experienced and have exceptional crowd interaction skills that seem to just come naturally. They’re also very down to earth, personable people in general and are well liked everywhere they go” – Justin Roper (Speakeasy Artists)

“…..with the group’s latest album, “Everyone Everywhere,” Scotchie & Co. have harnessed the eternal hope and constant growing pains of America — a country still trying to figure itself out with a mirror currently placed firmly in front of itself.” – Garret Woodward/Smoky Mountain News.

“Even though the Asheville, North Carolina resident Andrew Scotchie isn’t even 30 yet, he plays like an old soul on this well executed EP where The River Rats help illuminate a charming brand of retro-rock where there’s no shortage of political/social wordplay.” – Take Effect Reviews

“Everyone Everywhere” plays like an album on tour inside a book of rock. It explores chapters including a Grateful Dead-ish “Human Too” to a boogie woogie “Natural Romantic” and flurries of funk courtesy of “Funny Money.” – Bristol Herald Courier

Andrew Scotchie and The River Rats are one of our most requested bands that we work with. They always show up on time, prepared, and ready to rock. In fact, we’ve asked Andrew to host our popular beer tour a couple of times when we needed a fill in. They always make a point to play tunes that will connect with our diverse audience (bachelorette parties, corporate groups, and couples of all ages). – Kyle Samples (Lazoom Tours)

“The work’s prescient nature has proved so startling that it even prompted one fan in Boise, Idaho to ask the Asheville-based artist if he’d consulted a crystal ball”.

Edwin Arnaudin of Mountain Xpress

Winter Out West Tour Wrap Up Article from Virtuosity Magazine

– Kim Carney, Virtuosity Worldwide Arts and Entertainment Magazine : Full Article Here

“…starting to make a name for themselves on the national scene.”

– Garret K. Woodward, Rolling Stone : Full Article Here

“The band creates tight, concise, funky-but-riff-happy songs that are heavy on catchy hooks and singalong choruses.”

– Vincent Harris, Greenville SC Journal

“There’s no true notion of regional blues without Andrew Scotchie and the River Rats, led by the wunderkind of the local scene. Scotchie is a soulful cyclone of a performer nurtured in the classic-rock oeuvre who, at only 23 years old, produces the local festival Asheville Barnaroo and leads his vibrant crew on a near-constant touring schedule”

– Austine Miller, Bold Life Magazine

“Andrew Scotchie & the River Rats’ second studio album “We All Stay Hungry” marks an elemental step forward in the band’s hard-driving sound”

– Kyle Sherard, WNC Magazine

“Scotchie’s vocals adhere to a classic blues style complete with the occasional shouts that would make James Brown proud”

– Ted Kendrick, Asheville Current

“Delivered as if on a platter made of rust and steel, Scotchie’s music borrows from the grit of the Rolling Stones. He and The River Rats bind it with elements of old school soul and Lightnin’ Hopkins blues into a rhythm that rocks with purity.”

– Tom Netherland, Bristol, TN Herald

“At only 25, Andrew Scotchie has a thriving music career both on stage and behind the scenes — a Western North Carolina figurehead who tours nonstop with his high-octane band the River Rats. The guitarist/singer/songwriter calls the group’s current work, Family Dynamo, “the album we’ve been dreaming of making” — a group of heavily road-tested songs, all originals. Though the record contains everything from garage rockers to acoustic ballads to psychedelic excursions, the songs fade into one another and the album is meant to be played front to back, says Scotchie, “just like the vinyl we grew up loving.”

– Bill Knopp, Bold Life Magazine

Rock-n-roll ain’t dead and gone. Quite the contrary, truth-be-told. The purity and rebellious nature of rock music in the 21st century has circled back to the underground where it all exploded from decades ago — back to the “you had to be there” moments of melodic bliss, of sweat and serenity only found in the presence of soaring six-string riffs and thunderous percussion ’round the midnight hour. For over a decade, Andrew Scotchie has carved out his place as one of the premier rock-n-blues artists in Asheville and greater Western North Carolina. In a Southern Appalachian town known for Americana, bluegrass, and mountain music, Scotchie has emerged from the depths of the city to become a bonafide rock ambassador for this new, unknown, and promising chapter of the genre.

On his new album (out on June 9th), “Love Is Enough,” Scotchie joins forces with Abingdon, Virginia, multi-instrumentalist Logan Fritz. Captured at Classic Recording Studio in Bristol, Virginia, the duo strips it all down with a raw, snarling attitude, one which seamlessly traverses the vibrant, sonic landscape of rock, blues, and soul. The seven-song LP is purposely up front and in your face, this message of connectivity, compassion, and camaraderie amid a world gone mad — the signature message Scotchie has channeled and championed since the beginning of his musical journey. And, in many ways, “Love Is Enough” is a full-circle album for Scotchie, seeing as this latest release provides a moment to pause and reflect, to look over his shoulder at the road to the “here and now,” only to turn his gaze back down the road of one’s intent. It’s this hell or high-water path of hard knocks and hard pavement, the unrelenting will within to never give up on the sacred dream — that passion and persistence of the human spirit still at the core of rock-n-roll.

Andrew Scotchie and his explosive band have been revered far wide for their engaging, interactive High-Energy, Funk-ti-fied Rock n’ Roll show. Couple the abilities and in the moment spirit of a jam-band with a punk rock fierceness and energy, and you’ll get a show that will have familiar songs but with a twist that offers a listener something only in that moment. Consistent studio recordings, year round touring from NY to FL and NC to ID, earnest songwriting and sharing bills with such greats as Neal Francis, Eric Gales, Futurebirds, Aaron Lee Tasjan, Dylan LeBlanc, Here Come the Mummies, Bob Margolin, Sonny Landreth, Blind Boys of Alabama, Drivin N Cryin, Ghost Light and Bettye Lavette has made Andrew Scotchie & the River Rats one of the industry’s fastest growing Rock n Roll bands, and voted Western North Carolina’s best Rock band/all around favorite band since 2015.