Annabelle’s Curse

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“Annabelle’s Curse is a five-piece alternative folk band hailing from Bristol TN/VA, and sort of like the town where they were born, their music sits on the border between two places. One place finds them unplugged, on a large front porch, reveling in the old folk songs that they were raised on while their nearest and dearest friends and family drink and sing along. The other place is plugged in, awash in neon lights and drunk on the rock and roll spirit that drives them to leave the porch, pile in a van, and play long into the night while the anonymous drinkers dance. Their music feels like these two different places at the same time, but like the city that they call home, it’s just two sides of one place and one sound – a sound that they can truly call their own.”
-Justin Green, Bear Kids Records

“Their emotive, post-folk songs sweep from intimate whisper to anthem-like choruses, placing them in a category of bands like Mumford and Sons and The Decemberists that are testing the boundaries of modern Americana.” -WDVX Knoxville

LiveSyphon Presents l|l Annabelle's Curse – Regret from LiveSyphon on Vimeo.