Bella’s Bartok

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“Bella’s Bartok draws the audience in with its visual theatricality and keeps their riveted attention with its sonic groove.” -Eoin Higgins, Huffington Post

Started in the dimly lit alleyways of Great Barrington, MA, Bella’s Bartok gradually evolved from street-punk performers to an electric, brass-filled, accordion-based spectacle that has continued to entertain audiences for nearly a decade. This powerhouse melds Bohemian Klezmer Punk with pop sensibilities into an eminently danceable party. The diversity of musicians that make up Bella’s Bartok, combined with their boundless energy on stage. Their sound moves way beyond labels, pushing the envelope towards the darker side of Eastern European music, referencing vaudeville and 20th century eclecticism.

“A carnival of sound and sweat and something intangible… Bella’s Bartok aren’t just a band, they’re an enchantment.” – Julia Tolstrup, Black on the Canvas