Shows at the Purple Fiddle

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American music. What is it? It’s everything. It’s everywhere. It’s all of us. The very fabric of life in America is infused with every style of music that has been born, or at the very least, transformed, within these majestic hills, valleys, mountains, hollers, plains and rolling beauty. The blues. From the country to the city. Country. From the back hollers of WV to the mountains of Arkansas. Bluegrass. From old Kentucky to California. Rock and Roll. From all of that which came before. America. Pure and simple and undeniable. BlacKingCoal filters it through the coalfields and backwoods of West Virginia and then just throws it up in the air to see where it lands. Dirty blues. Bluegrass with a swing or growl. Country with a yell. Whatever. It’s all just music. It has one purpose. To make you smile, jump up, clap, stomp and yell. Hopefully, if we do it right, all at once.

Led by Allan Dale Sizemore, founder of Appalachian Stompgrass pioneers Rust Kings and The Wild Rumpus, BlacKingCoal is well versed in American music. Allan still dances all over the place with his guitar, growling, screaming and at times crooning like a dirty angel. Sometimes, other Kings will dance in and out of the circle, but it stays tight and loose at the same time. Allan’s songs going from a 50s style rock and roll number to a country barroom to a city ballroom and back again, they all are tied together with a single rope. And sometimes, twine. American music.