brief Awakening

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brief Awakening is a tribe of fairy creatures from Asheville NC who can only effectively communicate through song and dance. Mandolin, alto sax, ethereal vocals, synth, heart drums and harmonious overtones swirl, bubble,and trail wherever brief Awakening wanders. Their live shows often combine art, music, and dance to envelop the audience in a creative whirlwind that is more than just music.

Ryn Arrants magically dances with strange synth noises spacially mixed with rhythmic piano whilst Lisa Santini engages the audience with whipping tendrils of sax melodies. The tiny beast that is Kara Petrucci stomps on the kick drum at the same time as flying around on her red dragon mandolin.

brief Awakening has been featured live on UnRegular Radio (Boston, MA) , City Wide Blackout (Boston, MA) ,Three Strange Women (Boston, MA), and Daddy O Radio (Spartanburg, SC).