Bryan Elijah Smith and the Wild Hearts

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Bryan Elijah Smith & The Wild Hearts are an Alternative-Americana band. Smith’s unabashedly genuine songwriting and voice go hand in hand with The Wild Hearts raw energy making this band one worth not only listening to but experiencing live. His compositions and aesthetic as a producer create a unique amalgam of Americana that is peppered with mainstream sensibilities crossing a wide array of genres. With over 700 original songs, 8 independent releases, a solid East Coast touring schedule, with notable festival plays (Bristol Rhythm & Roots 13 & 14, FloydFest 10 & 11),Bryan Elijah Smith & The Wild Hearts have proven themselves to be studio journeymen and road tested workhorses.

“This feels young and modern but it has some of the same general public appeal and assured swing that AM radio had in its 60s/70s heyday.”

Their new release, ‘These American Hearts’, was recently voted #50 on WNRN’s ‘100 Top Albums of 2014’. The self-portrait story that unfolds digs deep revealing all the joys, sorrows, demons, love & heartache that life on the road manifests. The outcome is a batch of 11 of the most honest songs Smith has written to date. Produced by Bryan Elijah Smith over the course of a year & mastered by Brian Lucey (Ray LaMontagne, The Black Keys); it sonically reaches new heights not previously heard in Smith & The Wild Heart’s catalog. But the album has the same raw, backcountry energy that is certain to draw you into an album that will not only capture your ears but ultimately steal your heart.