Canvas People

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There’s no slump happening here. Just like the brave cosmonaut, the sky is the limit for Canvas People. Suit up and enjoy the ride. ~ sound.dessert

The group’s core sound is a blanket of stunning three-part harmonies, covering an indie rock center of fuzz guitar, driving drums and Taylor’s plaintive tenor. It’s warm, enveloping and dreamy with an urgent edge. ~ Bill Tucker, the Austinot

Infusing elements of lucid, indie space rock and harmony-driven alt-rock, Canvas People produces a distinctly unique brand of new age music. Reminiscent of contemporary acts such as Kings Of Leon, Death Cab For Cutie, and My Morning Jacket, Canvas People creates an enchanting blend of booming 3 part harmonies and shaded, seductive indie rock grooves. Based out of Austin, TX, the 4-piece rock group is a spot-on representation of the quality original music coming out of the “live music capitol of the world”.

Vocals, Guitar / Kyle Taylor
Lead Guitar / Wes Maxwell
Bass / Luke Williams
Drums / Pat Epley