Caroline Reese and the Drifting Fifth

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“As a country-folk-rock group, Caroline and her boys cover a lot of genre turf without missing a beat. … (blending) the crystalline grit of Caroline’s voice with some powerhouse electric guitar, giving us a sort of feminine rock that we haven’t heard much of since Stevie Nicks.”
-Verge Magazine

“Her smile is bright and her songs are warm. She favors minor keys, clean melodies and rolling, road-worthy grooves, which were sparked up by Mark Watter’s pinging electric guitar and a tight rhythm section. “East of the Alleghenies” mined regional memories from her Pennsylvania home, with Civil War echoes and I’m guessing family history. “What I Did” had the most drama of the set. Reese isn’t a powerhouse vocalist but she’s got the intensity to sell her smart songs and fill the stage. I learned that she just graduated from Princeton, so that explains the smart part. Much more is possible with some post college ramblin’ and livin’.” – Music City Roots

“Everything about Caroline’s music suggests a maturity way beyond her age. It follows a distinct folk background, relying on strummed acoustic chords and the occasional flourish (an electric guitar riff, male guest vocals, violin, etc.) to change things up. At the front of it all, though, is her voice. Female vocals with such sweetness and confident delivery are hard to come by. And, again, she’s only 18. Great things are on the way” – (young talent alert)