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“Blending hip hop, electronica, disco and funk, Carpoolparty is pioneering a new music genre called ‘Vapordance.’”
– Jennifer Martin, SCENE ON 7, WSPA-TV

“You just have a good time! When you see them dancing and grooving downtown you just wanna stop and join in.”
– Jamarcus Gaston, STUDIO 62,

A husband-wife, co-producer and multi-instrumentalist duo blending disco, vaporwave, hip-hop and funk into a genre they call, vapordance, Carpoolparty started as a studio side project but quickly grew into a blissfully upbeat pure-pop act with pseudo-nostalgic overtones. Carpoolparty, at its core became a catalyst of creativity for its members, Danny and Mary, drawing inspiration from their observations on human subculture in the 80s and 90s, focusing on luscious layers of concert length music rather than overly-precise “radio-friendly” editing, and an artful detachment, intentionally branding themselves with a post-retro soundscape. In August 2016, Carpoolparty released their debut independent album, “Hot Tapes” to the world wide web, featuring “old school hip hop,” “beat machine,” “80s & 90s Japanese muzak samples,” “disco & nu-disco percussion,” “funky synths,” and “evocative throwback references”. With front-woman Mary dancing and singing behind the lead mic and Danny behind the beats and synth with the occasional rap, Carpoolparty aims to create memorable live shows and a recognizable brand.