Carsie Blanton

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“Carsie Blanton is a rare talent as a modern songwriter, her sly wit and urbane imagery reminds me of a female Cole Porter. She paints a vivid landscape with lyrics that are deceptively conversational and at the same time surprisingly perceptive for a relatively new artist. I’m really happy to know that classic songwriting is in good hands with Carsie Blanton.”
John Oates (of Hall and Oates)

“Carsie Blanton has hit one out of the park. The singer-songwriter’s third album, “Idiot Heart,” is funny. It’s tender. It’s cute. It’s edgy. It’s fresh. It’s folksy without crossing into the realm of kitsch. The songs are clean, most with basic instrumentation and succinct arrangements, but each track bursts with its own pithy, poignant commentary on that ficklest of organs for which the album is named.”
Washington Post

“Carsie Blanton‘s sexy, enigmatic vocals are ideally suited to the American popular songbook, a.k.a. pop music written for adults in the age before youth so thoroughly dominated popular culture. She treats each note like another flirtatious look towards the object of her affection as the lazy notes flutter down gently and easy.”