Chelsea Stepp

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Singer/songwriter Chelsea Stepp claims that she was simply “born to do this.” At the young age of seven, she would have her mom record her while she sang songs to her little sisters (her audience). Even before her little audience members were born, she had to have a burned CD to dance around the house and sing into a hairbrush to. Almost every “Stepp Home Video” includes performances from Chelsea, given in front of family members.

Today, Chelsea resides in Knoxville, Tennessee which she says is “an easy drive to Nashville, and an easy drive to her hometown.” After picking up the guitar and really developing her own sound, Chelsea has evolved into an indie-pop artist with a touch of country, fully from the “east Kentucky twang” embedded in her smooth, melodious tone. Chelsea performs at festivals, events, and is still called on for the usual “Star Spangled Banner.”