Colin Cutler

Shows at the Purple Fiddle

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“Gritty, real life, traditional yet modern folk tales with depth and meaning, a tale to tell, and a righteous message to boot.” ~Daniel Lucas of Boss Caine

Colin Cutler’s wandered up and down the Blue Ridge of Virginia and North Carolina, watched storms crawl across the Southwest deserts, sat beneath the Midwest sky, and played in pubs and castles around England, Ireland, and eastern Europe. But Greensboro, North Carolina, that Gate City of the railways, is home. His guitar and banjo-driven tunes are set deep in the Appalachian old-time and blues traditions, with a wailing set of harmonicas to back them up. The stories are drawn from funny folks he’s met, hearts that have broken his, and every scrape his dusty boots have wandered into.

”A seasoned performer, Colin combines his worldly and traveled view with the sound of southern roots.”
~Around Town Sessions