Colin Cutler

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“Gritty, real life, traditional yet modern folk tales with depth and meaning, a tale to tell, and a righteous message to boot.” ~Daniel Lucas of Boss Caine

Raised in military bases and Pentecostal churches across the South and the Midwest, Colin Cutler’s only constant was the music and books his family carried with them. His first album, Nelson County Wayside, pays tribute to the storytelling and banjo traditions of the Virginia and North Carolina mountains, while the Peacock Feathers EP took on the searing vision of Georgia Catholic author Flannery O’Connor. His newest album, Stranger in the Promised Land, explores the reasons we leave home and what it takes to find–or make–your own, with a lyrical style somewhere between Woody Guthrie, Hank Williams, Jason Isbell, and Gillian Welch.