Community Center

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“There is something for any music fan to fall in love with…They’d convey the same energy wheterh performing for a handful of people or a sold out stadium…Be sure to wear your dancing shoes!” ~ Switchbitch Noise

“Community Center is a wild show. They perform energetic, soul-filled romp-jams with impressive instrumental chops.” ~ Human Being Productions

Community Center is an indie rock band brought up on Classical and Jazz, who, over the course of a few years have developed a vat of sound melting together Rock, Jazz, Funk, Folk and old Southern Hymns.
Their music is heavily influenced by traveling. At moments they’ve uprooted to live in a different state or country for a few months to gain a new perspective.

Each member plays multiple instruments on stage which makes for eclectic shows and a ridiculous amount of cases to pack in the van. The near-novelty amount of instruments was never meant to be a gimmick but developed from simple curiosity to keep testing out different combinations of sounds.