Daphne Parker Powell

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“(With) luxuriously furnished dark, undulating folk and blues elegance, (Daphne) explores matters of the heart with refreshing candor and wry humor, as a range of personal experiences and raw emotions.” – Peter Lindblad, Elmore Magazine

“Her songs slink their way through the worlds of pop, R&B, and avant-garde, often with edifying results” – American Songwriter

“Equally retro and modern and thoroughly out of this world, (the) clever accompaniment lifts Daphne’s loose vocal stylings and cheeky tin pan alley songwriting to theatrical settings. If the SyFy channel ever decides to bring back Firefly, Joss Whedon may have found his new house band in Daphne” – Innocent Words MagazineNo Depression described Daphne as “the voice of futuristic folk-rock/alternative-roots music… exploring the outer reaches of nostalgic melody… ” Her singular Americana mélange includes a broad array of contemporary and classic inspirations that spans folk, country, vocal jazz, indie rock, and cinematic pop. Her words are pulled from an expansive well of literature and lyrical influences, from laissez-faire poets, satirists, and the Beats, to Feminists, modern philosophers and the sage guidance of her friends who have been through the same anguish and risen to meet it.
Her 2022 release ‘The Starter Wife’ garnered international critical acclaim including Best Releases on NPR’s All Songs Considered