Doug Spears

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“. . . a rich earthiness to his playing that recalls that of Gordon Lightfoot and a gruffer James Taylor”, Creative Loafing Tampa

“… an impressive combination of economical wordplay and simple, evocative melodies.” Jim Abbott, The Orlando Sentinel.

“. . . an amazing songwriter!” Marilyn Duncan, Soona Songs, Dallas, Tx.

“Doug Spears . . . [is] an accomplished songwriter , and . . . Truths & Lies, is burnished like an old hardwood floor. . . . With a voice reminiscent of John Denver and a full acoustic backup band, Spears has put out a folk/Americana disc that’s as enjoyable for the local storytelling as it is for the musicianship.” Bob Whitby – Orlando Weekly.

Winner of the American Songwriter Magazine Lyrics Contest July / August 2007 – “Break Some Stones” and Honorable Mention Sept / Oct – “Sinner’s Song”