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Eddy Marshall is a guitarist and a singer from Northern Virginia studying music education at Berklee College of Music. His music is inspired by the upbeat chords of Paul Simon, Hillary Reynolds and Robbie Schaefer and lyrics are written about anything and everything you can imagine. After a debut show in the new Berklee Caf in Boston Massachusetts, the band took a month to prep for its debut tour ranging from Owls Head, Maine to Charlottesville, Virginia. During the tour we filmed our first music video, set to the soundtrack of “Geneva, Switzerland” with the help of Ben Powell and stayed busy writing more songs and eating more of Katie Henkel’s (our piano player) mac and cheese than you can possibly imagine.

The future of Eddy Marshall is certainly bright and we’re excited to share that we have a new album coming out in the near future. It will be entirely original songs and feature almost everyone from the original band lineup with a few added members for good measure. Until then you can check out our music by clicking that music link right up there. Watch our live videos by clicking the video link. Or follow us on our various social media sites below.