Eli Elkus

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Eli Elkus is a wonder-wandering intrepid troubadour who performs an endless repertoire of original faerie folk and hobo jazzical musings on many porches, street corners, and music venues across the USA. “Heaven’s cowboy and hell’s outlaw…” -Lara Wahl, Wolf Children Life. The self-proclaimed ‘wingnut’ calls his ‘fornever-ending’ musical ramblings with Bronco the hound in his short bus (JeBus), ‘TroubaTour’. He began sculpting his craft busking in the streets of Portsmouth, New Hampshire where his original picking style reminiscent of folk and Americana with a flamenco flare started to take shape – influenced by eastern and western folk music from all eras. The love of playing on the street never left and is still a big part of ‘TroubaTour’ and its natural way of breaking of musical hierarchy and stages. Elkus is quite the anomalous lyricist, telling uplifting and clever tales of “the path” and the often unspoken observations of the Babylonian world in his honey-sweet tobacco-stained voice. Eli’s idiosyncratic songwriting rekindles the primordial flames of age old teachings through prankster poetry and heart-song channelings. With a whimsical yet jubilant demeanor and at times downright absurd antics within and betwixt tunes touching on performance art, he will silence a room with a wistful ballad and then quickly rabble-rouse life into it once again. When Eli comes to your town, you’ll find him merrymaking in the cozy nook between the real and nonsensical, singing tales from beyond the veil.

“With his gravelly narration and ramblin’ guitar licks, Eli Elkus always takes us on a journey. His songs lead us through trailer parks and back alleys and introduce us to the unsavory characters that no doubt occupy the shady corners of his mind.” – Folk New Hampshire

“Thank God for Eli Elkus. Heaven’s cowboy… hell’s outlaw. I love all of Eli’s songs… but especially the ones that I have a love/hate relationship with. These are the ones that make you cringe, force you to look at why you’re cringing… and thus set you free all at the same time. These are the ones that spit in the eye of societal pretenses, not just spits but exposes its raw red anus…and that little cowboy is just about the only authentic thing left to walk this here earth.”
-Lara Wahl, Wolf Children Life

“You and that dog really is cut from the same shag carpet…” -Mike Linscott

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