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When just 15 years old, Rolling Stone named EmiSunshine among “10 new country artists you need to
know,” but she is more than country. With music described as “old-timey,” the East Tennessee native
adds her own unique contemporary blend of roots music that is equal parts Americana, Bluegrass,
Gospel, Blues and Jazz. Many critics have compared her to a young Dolly Parton.

Known for her powerful voice and masterful ukulele-playing, this now 18-year-old singer/songwriter has
been attracting national attention since she was 9 years old, with appearances on “The Today Show,”
NBC’s “Little Big Shots,” “Pickler & Ben,” “Song of the Mountains,” “Wood Songs Old-Time Radio Hour”
the Grand Ole Opry (14 times) and elsewhere. In 2018, she was featured in the Grammy-nominated Elvis
Presley documentary film “The King,” for which she wrote and performed two original songs—“Johnny,
June and Jesus” and “Danny Ray.” In 2019, she received the prestigious ASCAP Foundation Desmond
Child Anthem Award for musical excellence.

Emi’s 2nd latest album, “Family Wars” (produced by 4-time Grammy-winner Tony Brown), has received
outstanding reviews in leading music publications. No Depression says the album “establishes
EmiSunshine as a strong creative force… someone bold and talented enough to tackle today’s issues
while honoring yesterday’s folk traditions.” American Songwriter says “Family Wars” proves
“EmiSunshine is wise beyond her years.” Country Standard Time calls it “a superb album.”

EmiSunshine and The Rain’s most personal project, 'Family Wars' addressed domestic violence,
dysfunctional families, political corruption, mass murder, lost love, and freedom—those who have it,
and those who seek it.

Fast forward past the pandemic and the collaboration with the one and only Bootsy Collins, a short but
sweet string of American Idol Performances, and a co-publishing deal with her 'writer mother', Alisha
Hamilton, and we find EmiSunshine with a recent Solo Album “Diamonds” also getting stellar reviews! In
addition, an Upcoming Children’s album “Universe” has a nice bundle of brand new, freshly written
songs. Both endeavors have a broader range of instrumentation and a crisp edge to them which is both
whimsical and serious at the same time.

While resuming her beloved touring schedule EmiSunshine is also embarking on a budding art career in
her spare time and producing albums for other artists. But don’t let all of this “new” fool you into
thinking she has left her love for her Appalachian roots. Emi has already started pre-planning her brand
new bluegrass project and has opened her home, studio and writing room to writers and artists to share
her love of the creating process with others.

At 18 with 10 years of touring and writing, and NINE albums already under her belt (and another one ‘in
process’) there is a world of possibility ahead – and EmiSunshine has the skill and determination to carve
a very deep path!

To learn more about EmiSunshine, visit www.TheEmiSunshine.com.