Erica Russo duo

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“Sometimes you know somethings good because it gives you those little shivers down your spine. When Erica Russo, head honcho of, well, Erica Russo and the Good Sports starts singing, it has this sort of fragile beauty that it caused much squirming in the backseat mafia offices (my front room). But then it also confounds you, because just as you begin to think this is a folky little gem, then it suddenly throws in a bit of slightly more angular indie pop, twisting and turning your expectations. It’s like the bubblegum in Charlie and the Chocolate factory that gives you a three course meal the more you chew it.” – Backseat Mafia

“Describing their sound as ‘Like light coming through orange curtains onto an honest, stripped down and dirty wall. Soft, but with a fire of truth and energy’ – fragile yet beautiful with drops of folk, indie and articulate vocals, their music will leave you wanting more.” – the Flux

“With the slightest of hands, Erica Russo pulls mesmerizing stories from deep inside her dreadlocks, and rests them on grooves of wood and wire. With band The Good Sport, latest record ‘Little House, Little Hill’ pulls every ounce of energy from her bones, and she couldn’t be more relaxed and at ease to deliver the message. A fascinating bundle of energy, there’s more to hear here with every listen.” – the Deli NYC