Fish Fisher

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The Godfather Of Ghettobilly

“If Loretta Lynn hooked up with Jay Z & adopted the baby out to be raised by Ziggy Stardust that baby would grow up to sound a lot like me.” Fish Fisher

“I sing like a Moonpie. I play like a muddy boot. I write like a mountain dog. I dance like a tree root.” Fish Fisher

Fish Fisher is an Outlaw-Country, Folk & Southern Rock singer-songwriter from the Black Swamp area of Toledo. They call Fish the “Godfather Of Ghettobilly”. His signature sound for his own material is always wild & rootsy. It’s somehow down-home yet urban. Yet genre-hopping is his specialty. Call his style what you want.

As a performer Fish is a high energy one man act. As a songwriter Fish is always crafting the next one and collaborating with the next list of artists from all genres creating about 75-100 new tunes per year, many of which are written for other artists to perform or with intent to sell. Fish has co-written with over 85 other songwriters from all over and in all styles. He equally enjoys writing alone or collaborating with any talented writers from any style of music.

All Fish’s shows are authentic, fun & unique. His vast catalog of over 500 original songs are memorable, earthy & diverse. His presentation of over 1200 cover songs each have a unique twist to them (from Johnny Cash to Jay Z).

Fish is infamously infatuated with American southern Appalachia’s entire history and geography. He’s an avid solo backcountry hiker and a frequent down south traveler, wanderer & nature lover. He lives up north but he knows the hidden hills of the coal belt better than most mountain dwellers. Many of his songs have been ignited by the people, situations and places he’s been inspired by during his travels.