Freddy & Francine

Shows at the Purple Fiddle

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“Freddy & Francine are building their story behind beautiful vocal harmonies, a solid writing style and a captivating live set.” – Hits Magazine

“It’s always a pleasure discovering great new artists, and Freddy & Francine currently top my list. There is a palpable chemistry between these musicians — their vocals blend like milk and honey, forming a sound they coin as “Americana soul.”
– No Depression

“Bianca’s voice is not only strong but comforting & Lee’s guitar playing and vocals become one. Their harmonies intertwine as you hear the true emotional rawness in their lyrics and each chord progression is crafted to compliment that. Filling the set with genuine smiles and lighthearted humor, you can feel the passion they have for each note written and performed.”
– Hollywood Times

“With harmonies that weave into a blend of sweet and soulful tones, Caruso and Ferris fit together like the last two pieces of a puzzle. The dynamics of their vocals, whether solo or in duet, are impeccably controlled and precise. They both sing with a strength that could project their voices without a microphone. Ferris’ guitar playing marries grace and strength, as pure emotion pours from the simple pluck or passionate strum of his strings. Overall, these two are very much in sync and have clearly taken the time to study and learn what the other has to offer.”
– Music Connection