Goodnight, Texas

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“the best Americana music is one that understands its place in history and furthermore understands the framework of the instruments used in the songs. Of any Americana album released this year, never are those three traits so expertly on display than on this masterwork of an album.” – Absolute Punk

Americana is arguably an overused term at the moment — but what sets Goodnight, Texas apart from the pack is its richly imagined, full-color stories. In the longstanding folk tradition of Bob Dylan, Woody Guthrie and Johnny Cash, Goodnight, Texas sings songs that are each a world in and of themselves — transporting listeners from the battlefields of the deep south to a saloon full of hard-drinking but good-natured regulars to the nervous feeling in the stomach of a poor boy about to ask for his girl’s hand in marriage.

“Together with bassist Jonathan Kirchner, drummer Andrew Laubacher, and sometimes other musicians, Goodnight, Texas has produced a dynamic range out of a ragged orchestra, and American stories that should be welcoming to many fans of roots folk.” -Indie Rock Café

“It is great for hungover mornings while drinking black coffee and eating carbohydrate-infested foods. Lastly, it is suitable for late night walks with your canine.” – Owl Mag