Gracie Curran and the High Falutin’ Band

Shows at the Purple Fiddle

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BLUES ARTIST OF THE YEAR! – Boston Music Awards 2014

“Their debut album, Proof of Love, tears open your chest and breathes into your soul with a baptism of raw power and emotion. A five-alarm stew of blues, gospel and soul that burns in your gut like the first time you heard Aretha Franklin’s “I Never Loved a Man.”
– Alternate Root Magazine

Gracie Curran has earned her reputation for jaw dropping Blues & Soul, in every blues club and juke joint from Boston to Beale Street. In the three years since the release of her critically acclaimed debut album “Proof of Love”, the singer has been packing houses across the country, wowing audiences with her powerful voice and soul shaking delivery. With a contagious enthusiasm and amazingly fun live show, Curran is quickly becoming one of the most exciting young entertainers on the roots scene today!

“Just got home and cranked up Gracie Curran & the High Falutin’ Band. Killer grooves, stellar guitar playing and amazing singing, what else could you want? I love it.”
– Premier Guitar Magazine

“What a voice! A complete natural, something not easily found, Gracie takes command of not just the band, not just the stage, but the whole house right from the minute she starts in, sheer confidence and talent oozing out seductively.”
– Folk and Acoustic Music Exchange

Quite a stunning effort for their initial release. Elements of soul, blues, gospel and funk coalesce to create a moving and heartfelt experience that should no doubt lead to a successful and ever-growing career. All the pieces fitwell-crafted band-originals, razor-sharp production and skilled musicianship all giving a rock-solid foundation to the powerhouse that is Gracie Curran. Talent as seen here deserves to be heard. With the right exposure this band should have no trouble in attaining the success that they truly deserve.”
-Blues Blast Magazine