Jeff Brown

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Often reluctant to characterize the definitive style of his music, Jeff Brown frequently describes his sound as ‘songs about girls and feelings, mostly.’ His shows and music run the range from delicate indie-folk to more aggressive alt-rock with forays into jazz and chamber pop. His songwriting trends towards the melancholic and his Facebook page cites his songwriting influences as “Girls and alcohol, mostly,” though in reality, his music is rarely that one-dimensional. Brown writes love songs for people who are sick of love songs.

Singer/songwriter Jeff Brown was born in Chicago, IL. After moving to California as a child, he began a lifelong love of making music upon finding his dad’s old guitar in the attic. Raised on heavy metal (Brown was a veteran performer in several heavier bands throughout high school and college), versed in classical and the blues, and following a return to his home of Chicago, he has since found his home in the soothing melodies and heartfelt lyrics of modern folk rock, reminiscent of Damien Rice, Iron & Wine, and Glen Hansard. Brown recently relocated to the Shenandoah Valley area of Northern Virginia (though if you ask him, he’s still a Chicagoan).