Jeremy Rodgers and Helltown Riffraff

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Jeremy Rodgers began singing and songwriting in 2013 after years of playing bass in multiple bands in the Northern Virginia area. As well as being the band leader for the Helltown Riffraff, he is an author and music producer. His first two solo albums, Darkest Hour and Ugly Old Suit, are available at all Helltown Riffraff shows. He loves whiskey, wine and pipe smoke.

Helltown Riffraff began in late 2017 as the backing band for Jeremy Rodgers’ solo material. They are quickly gaining a following in the Shenandoah Valley and beyond for their thumpy blues and rock with a country twang. Led by Jeremy’s growling baritone and sinister songwriting, supported by Lani’s beautiful harmonies and backbeat, driven forward by Charlie’s funky and melodic bass groove, and complemented by Genevieve Roesch and Marie Andrews Martin on backing vocals and additional instruments, the Helltown Riffraff will have you nodding your head and smirking along all night