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“First impression on hearing the music of June Star was, Sun Volt and Jay Farrar — now that can’t be bad, and you are right it isn’t.” – Americana UK

“…a little left of the alt-country center and not far from the kind of thinking man’s folk associated with the late Townes Van Zandt. Granted, Grimm’s warble takes some getting used to; there are times when he doesn’t sing so much as drone. But it’s the sort of voice that eventually gets under your skin if you listen long enough” – Washington Post

The Baltimore based Americana band has been playing in the Mid-Atlantic region for over 15 years with 9 studio recordings and have toured as far as San Francisco.

The core of June Star is singer/songwriter Andrew Grimm and pedal steel/alchemist David Hadley.  Their shows are intimate, intense, and worthwhile.  Grimm’s rough edge baritone clearly delivers the message while Hadley’s slippery steel hugs curves and navigates the melodies.