Karen Jonas

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“The ultimate dark horse in a year of dark horses, Karen Jonas positively stuns and screams for wider attention.” – 2014 Saving Country Music Album of the Year Nominees

“… unquestionably one of the best records the area has seen in 2014. It’s got heartbreak and anger and fun and cussing and sadness and happiness and everything else in between. If you haven’t noticed by now, it’s sort of an obsession.” – frederickplaylist.com

Country Perspective’s 2014 (Co) Female Artist of the Year winner Karen Jonas is back with new music. Her 2014 debut album Oklahoma Lottery was one of the absolute gems of country music in 2014 and was a strong contender to win Country Perspective’s 2014 Album of the Year award. Simply put if you haven’t heard Jonas’ music yet, you need to change this. Anyway back to the news at hand and that’s Jonas’ new song “Country Songs.” Jonas said on Twitter that this is the title track of her new upcoming record.