Kelly McFarling and John Elliott (with band)

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Kelly McFarling is an Atlanta, GA born, San Francisco based singer songwriter. Sometimes she plays clawhammer banjo, sometimes she plays guitar. Often she plays a telecaster fronting her five piece band, The Home Team. She loves the vibe of pedal steel, songs in three four, and strong melodies. She writes songs reflective of transitions, movement and landscape, evoking nostalgia and the natural world. Her main influences are the space between things, the wilderness, and its navigation.

John Elliott writes gripping stream-of-consciousness songs that often take unexpected turns en route to delivering a powerful message. Chuck Schiele of The San Diego Troubadour wrote about Elliott’s lyrics: “They get in, make their statement, kick you in the teeth, and get out before they start talking too much…And this lends to the urge of rolling any track to its beginning for another spin.”