Kelly Ravin (of Waylon Speed) with Lowell Thompson

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Lowell Thompson

Waylon Speed

Telecasters, old tube amps, a good pair of jeans, and salt. If these are things that speak to you, you’ll dig the music of Kelly Ravin. Since a kid, Kelly has been on the road, writing, playing, living, and collecting stories turned songs along the way. His songs are a blend of twang, grit, and heartfelt story telling that are played in their rawest form, from the overdriven amplification, to the banter in between. We will see you down the road, or at a gas station along the way, but we will always meet you in the music.

Kelly’s recent release, “Leathered, Weathered, Worn, and Wiser”, was recorded live at Permanent Expressions Tattoo Studio in Belfast, ME in front of an audience of friends and family.
The road goes on forever, and the party never ends.