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​Silent Saint represents humanity at its most admirable, with songs that never sweep the difficult loss [of their drummer Bucky Brown] under the rug. It is completely fitting that the music is all Americana, with its signature emotive style, structured in that magical way to allow us to feel authentically.

FREE TIMES by Jordan Lawrence
The Aiken guitarist leads his eponymous band through thoughtful songs that bound with wide-eyed Americana grit, suggesting both the brazen authenticity of old-school outlaws and the wider possibilities of today’s more diversified roots-rock frontiers. The Kenny George Band’s sound sparkles and beams in a way that would appeal to many an indie rock fan.

Music’s elders and icons established the initial template for Rock ‘n’ Roll, but it’s the newer generation that keeps it thriving and moving forward. So credit the Kenny George Band for doing exactly that. Comprised of Kenny George (lead guitar, vocals, songwriter), Randy Borawski (drums, harmony vocals), Center Ely (steel guitar), and Brooks Andrews (bass) this hardworking ensemble has earned their stripes the hard way. Performing an average of 100 shows per year throughout the heartland, they bring their music to the masses one gig at a time.

“Our goal has always been to connect with our audiences,” George insists. “Our music is honest and organic, and we deliberately avoid pretense. We may seem like a ragtag bunch, but there’s a passion, purpose and sincerity that underscores everything we do, and hopefully that’s apparent even the first time you hear us play.” The group can further be described as a country, southern rock and folk band, owing as much to Waylon and Willie as they do modern archetypes such as Jason Isbell and Sturgill Simpson.

Hailing from Aiken, South Carolina, the Kenny George Band has created an indelible impression with fans throughout the Southeast and Midwest. They’ve traveled the highways and byways between North and South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Alabama, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Missouri, reconnecting with their fervent followers and picking up new fans along the way.