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Indie folk band Kindred Valley started with just three of its current members. Blake Lacy, Noah Freeman, and Brett McCoy met at Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia in 2020 and began writing and recording music together. As a trio under their former name Back Row Baptists, Lacy, Freeman, and Mccoy released their first singles, “Half My Heart”, “Georgia”, and “1921”. After this, the band took a hiatus until 2021 when Lacy met Jadon Hayes, Rachael Hayes, and Kaden Salmons. Following some communication with Hayes, one of the band’s instrumentalists and its sole music producer, Lacy began working with him and later Salmons. During their first sit-down, Lacy and Salmons wrote an early version of the band’s popular single “Whistle”. The group completed its additions with songwriter and vocalist Rachael Hayes. With its three new members, fresh creative ideas, and an invigorated sound thanks to Hayes’ production skills, Kindred Valley began working on music again, putting out their fifth single, “The Wedding Song”. Soon after, the group began working on their self-titled first album which they proudly debuted December 30th, 2022, after almost two years of creative efforts.