Lexi Weege

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Lex Weege is no stranger to the road. The Western Massachusetts-based powerhouse singer/songwriter grew up in a traveling Cabaret troupe, and she’s been on the move ever since. After six years of national touring and two full-length releases with her band Weege & The Wondertwins, Lexi is releasing her third solo album in 2022.

Deftly combining the best of classic country, Motown, and soul, Weege’s original songs are full of spirit. Whether she’s crooning a heartbroken ballad or belting out an unapologetic blues, Lexi Weege’s dexterous voice is at the heart of it all. Weege’s multi-octave range is reminiscent of so many classics: Etta James, Janis Joplin, and the subtle jazz spirit of Bill Withers and Billie Holiday. Her acrobatic vocals soar high and plunge low, tugging at your heartstrings. Expect to dance, and maybe shed a bittersweet tear, too. Weege is a gifted storyteller, encompassing a vast range of emotions.

Lexi Weege’s solo act has it all: something for the loves and the losses, the good times and the bad. Her nearly twenty years of experience is evident in the craft of her songwriting, and in the bold confidence she exudes onstage. And that confidence is well-earned. Lexi Weege’s six releases, national tours, and hundreds of shows have happened independently, without any label backing. A firm believer in the power of DIY, Weege is surely an old soul, and one of a kind.