Lord Nelson

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“Each song’s foot-stomping rhythms are catchy as hell, without being derivative or simplistic. It’s party music in the best sense of the phrase” – Nashville 360

“Though only five on the stage, they generate enough sound for double that, and that’s just the music coming out of them and creating a ruckus. Whether it’s harmony driven, southern rock guitar lickin’, or foot stompin’ porch pickin’, they are at home in the music they make – unique, almost spiritual, and powerful.” – Nashville 360

Lord Nelson has won many fans over the last several years with their spirited live performances and serious musical chops. Those fans should raise a glass, because they’re about to get their ears blown off with the new full-length album Through the Night, set for a late spring release. The album possesses a depth of sound that can only come from the frequent addition of piano, organ, and horns to guitar-based rock. This set of songs, written on the road and between tours, explores dark themes of relationships, the political climate of the country, and what it means to spend your days in a van, traveling the highways of America.